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MT Stillness

a Michelle Trachtenberg stillness icon challenge

Michelle Trachtenberg Stillness
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About Me

Joanne. Twenty years old. Theology and Religious Studies student. Random. Fun. Kind. Quirky.


LOST. Veronica Mars. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Charmed. The Tribe. The OC. Grey's Anatomy.


Ships- Duncan/Veronica. Logan/Veronica. Buffy/Spike. Saywer/Kate. Charlie/Claire. Sun/Jin. Shannon/Boone.Ryan/Marissa. Seth/Summer. Piper/Leo. Phoebe/Coop. Phoebe/Cole. Bray/Amber. Lex/Tai-San. Ebony/Jay. Ved/Cloe.

Actors-Josh Holloway. Jake Gyllenhaal. Matthew Goode. Hugh Dancy. Dominic Monaghan. Adam Brody. Ryan Gosling.Josh Hartnett. Heath Ledger. James Marsters. Ian Somerhalder. Shane West. Adam Sandler.

Actresses- Mandy Moore. Evangeline Lilly. Emelie de Ravin. Rachel McAdams. Drew Barrymore. Alyson Hannigan. Sarah Michelle Gellar. Kristen Bell. Holly Marie Combs. Alyssa Milano. Toni Collette. Claire Danes. Anne Hathaway. Julie Andrews.

Singers/Bands- Backstreet Boys. Kelly Clarkson. Greenday. Evanescence. Delta Goodrem. Keane. McFly. Dido. PINK. Katie Melua. Shania Twain. And much more.

Movies- A Walk to Remember. The Notebook. Never Been Kissed. The Sound of Music. Grease. Dirty Dancing. Cool Runnings. The Breakfast Club. SAVED. Chasing Liberty.

Books- The Diary of Anne Frank. A Child Called It/The Lost Boy/A Man Named Dave by David Pelzer. The Sookie Stackhouse Series by Charlain Harris. A Walk to Remember/The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks.

Friending Policy

I always enjoy having new friends. But i do keep my journal Friends Only because i do tend to write a lot of personal stuff, and so i like to know who is reading what i'm writing. So, if you do friend me, i would appreciate it if you would leave me a comment on my Friends Only post. If you do, i will add you back ASAP.